For the Future of the Earth. Tamagawa Holdings Co.,Ltd.

Tamagawa Holdings Co.,Ltd.

For the Future of the Earth
Tamagawa Holdings Co.,Ltd.




1. Utilization of IR information

The IR information posted on the Website is for the purpose of providing financial information, management indicators, etc. of Tamagawa Holdings Co., Ltd., and not for the purpose of making any representation or guarantee of the content. Please refrain from making investment decisions by fully relying on information on the Website. Investment decisions are to be made by yourself.

2. Information posted

Although the Company pays careful attention to information posted on the Website, we will not be responsible regardless of reasons if there are errors in information posted or in the case of troubles, etc. occurring as a result of data falsification by a third party, data downloading, etc.

3. Outlook

Some information posted on the Website contains description on future accomplishments. Such description does not guarantee future accomplishments, and implies risks or uncertainties. Please understand that future accomplishments may differ from actual results depending on changes in the environment, etc.

4. Operation of the Website

Operation of the Website may be interrupted or suspended, or the content may be changed without warning. The Website may not be available in a normal way depending on the communication environment or computers used by customers, or due to other reasons. Please also understand that we will not take any responsibilities on troubles, loss or damage occurring as a result of the above.

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