For the Future of the Earth. Tamagawa Holdings Co.,Ltd.

Tamagawa Holdings Co.,Ltd.

For the Future of the Earth
Tamagawa Holdings Co.,Ltd.




CEO Message


The Japanese economy is slowly moving toward recovery by overcoming the lost past 20 years. However, the economic environment surrounding our country seems to be getting increasingly severe, as exemplified by intensified international competition resulting from advancement of the global economy as well as by increased worldwide demand of energy.

Under such circumstances, Tamagawa Holdings has been expanding its business in two very important fields for Japan in the future: “renewable energy development” and “advanced communication technology.”

”Renewable energy development” is an area that cannot be avoided when considering the global environment in the future and development of stable energy is particularly a long-term challenge for Japan with poor resources. By generating stable cash flow, it has now grown into an infrastructure business that supports economic activities. We plan to actively handle various power generation projects such as small wind power, geothermal power, biomass, hydrogen, etc. in the future.

In the area of communication, on the other hand, heated discussion has been exchanged in international conferences in relation to a 5G standard as the standard for next-generation mobile communication, and it is well known that infrastructure development has also been taking place in Japan targeting the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. The Company is leading the industry, with superior production technology and products in high-frequency wireless technology essential for 5G. The market is further expanding to IoT and AI ahead of 5G, and we are determined to boldly pursue them.

We also plan to invest into prospective companies and funds relating to infrastructure in a full scale, with our knowledge cultivated in corporate regeneration. With many financial experts hired, we are expecting high growth by re-investing profits gained from the above business.

Our challenge is to bring abundance to the future Japan. Clean and safe energy supports living and business, and smooth communication among people in the world is realized. Tamagawa Holdings continues to move forward, aiming at creation of such society.


Corporate Profile

Company name Tamagawa Holdings Co.,Ltd.
Address VORT Hamamatsu-cho l 2F,1-6-15 Hamamatsu-cho,
Date of Established November, 1968
Paid in Capital 2,423,857,236 yen (As of March 31,2021)
Number of employees 245 (consolidated)/13 (non-consolidated)
Listed Tokyo Stock Exchange JASDAQ
(Securities code : 6838)

Head Office Locations

VORT Hamamatsu-cho l 2F,1-6-15 Hamamatsu-cho,




President&CEO Toru Masuzawa
Executive Vice President Masanori Kobayashi
Director Keita Masuyama
External director Noriko Kamibayashi
Director Masaharu Hori
Director Junichi Suzuki
External director Naruhito Kusaka
Corporate auditor Takashi Nagahama
External auditor Ryusuke Nakata
External auditor Kiyoshi Furukawa

Tamagawa Group

Tamagawa Group

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